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JFlex is free software and available for download from this page and a number of mirrors.

 JFlex + documentation 3036.2 KB md5
  jflex-1.6.1.tar.gz 2956.8 KB md5
 JFlex maven plugin (sources) 31.5 KB md5
  jflex-maven-plugin-1.6.1.tar.gz 13.9 KB md5

The distribution includes installation procedures, documentation, pre-compiled classes and source code of JFlex. The package jflex-maven-plugin contains the source code of the JFlex plugin for the maven build tool. They are not necessary to run or build JFlex, only to change the plugin itself.

The documentation for JFlex is also available online.

JFlex has three mailing lists: jflex-announce is low traffic and read-only for announcements of new releases, jflex-users is for help and discussions, and jflex-devel for developer discussions. If you would like to subscribe to either of the first two, please enter your email address below, check the appropriate boxes, and press [subscribe]. For the developer list, see the mailing lists page.

  jflex-announce       jflex-users    

To prevent abuse you will receive a request for confirmation of your wish to subscribe. If you reply to that request from the same address you wished to subscribe, you should receive a final confirmation that your subscription to the list was successful.

More information on the lists can be found on the mailing lists page.

If you encounter any problems, please send mail to Gerwin Klein <>


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